Whiskey Aging Infusion Sticks - for Home Brewers, Charred Oak enhances flavors of your favorite Whiskey, Scotch, Wine, Beer or Moonshine! (4)

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Package Quantity:4 This set of 4 infusion sticks is from genuine USA grown trees, and milled and charred right here in the good ole USA! Slots allow for more surface area for infusion as opposed to traditional pegs, and they have been charred to the perfect amount to help open pores and release oils, without over-charring to ruin the flavor of your wine, beer, or spirits. Experiment for best flavor, but usually 12-24 hours in spirits is enough to mellow and enhance the flavor. ♦ Grown, milled, charred, and packed in the USA. ♦ Add the flavor and mellowness of your spirits with this fun and interesting process. ♦ Oak sticks have slots milled into them to create up to 120% more surface area than standard pegs ♦ Perfectly charred to open pores of the wood for better infusion, without the charred and burned taste of other products. ♦ Usually just 12-24 hours is all you need!