Whiskey Aging Infusion Sticks - for Home Brewers, Charred Oak enhances flavors of your favorite Whiskey, Scotch, Wine, Beer or Moonshine ( 8 sticks)

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This set of infusion sticks is from genuine USA grown trees and milled and charred right here in the good ole USA! Slots allow for more surface area to infuse a toasted profile as opposed to traditional pegs and they have been charred to the perfect amount to help open pores and release oils without over-charring to ruin the flavor or aroma of your wine, beer or spirits. Experiment for best flavor but usually 12-24 hours in spirits is enough to mellow and enhance the flavor. Simply drop it in the existing bottle, or move it to your a glass mason jar or growler for further customization. Makes a great gift for homebrewing enthusiasts! Great for holidays- as a stocking stuffer for men or accessories to his other cocktail drinking accessories for the man cave. ♦ MADE IN THE USA - Grown, milled, charred & packed in the USA, made from American White Oak. ♦ A BETTER COCKTAIL AWAITS - Add flavor and mellowness to your spirits, such as whiskey, bourbon, gin, tequila, rum, vodka, malt liquor. ♦ FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - Each oak stick has slots milled into them to create up to 120% more surface area than standard wooden pegs. Designed to be thin enough to fit into a standard 750 ml bottle, yet long enough to give ample flavoring. ♦ DIY BREWING - Add these to your favorite alcohol for a taste that can be customized and aged to perfection. Accelerate the aging process and set your own homebrew distillery at home! ♦ HOMEMADE INFUSING - Usually just 12-24 hours on the shelf is all you need to turn cheap bottles of booze into a custom gourmet spirit in no time!