Default Title Carved Wooden Cigar Ashtrays (4- Slot)

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  • 100% made in Central America using Fair Wage / Fair Trade practices!
  • Soft earth tones are more pleasant than typical ceramic or stainless steel options.
  • Beautiful oak leaf inscribed on all sides, with slight coloration differences in each unit due to variances in the wood.
  • Arrives in gift-ready packaging with informational insert card.
  • To clean, just wipe with wet rag and let air dry. Scorch marks may appear in bowl, which will add to overall pleasing appearance.

Most cigar ashtrays fall into the category of gaudy ceramic eyesores, or industrial looking stainless steel units. Well, these are a breath of fresh air! Briar and Oak Mayan Line Ashtrays are made by hand in Guatemala by local craftsman using fair wage / fair trade practices. Each tray has a slightly unique look due to wood variations, but they all have the oak leaf inscribed into all sides and are carefully inspected for quality before shipping. Help support local craftsman and pick up one of these awesome ashtrays in three available shapes and sizes. Units come packed in retail-ready boxes. To clean, just wipe with a wet rag and let air dry. Ashes may discolor the inside of the bowl, which will actually add a nice variation in overall looks.