Cedar Spills Cigar Lighter Strips- Traditional Way to Light Cigars - Made in The USA of Spanish Cedar Wood- Cigar and Pipe Smoking Accessories for Men (20)

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Package Quantity:20 The time honored and traditional way to light a cigar. These MADE IN USA Spanish cedar spills burn at the perfect temperature and rate to toast and light your cigar with NO chemical contamination from traditional lighters, and without over-charring with torch lighters. Great as a gift for cigar lovers, or as a great experience with your cigar smoking buddies. Light up with Class and Tradition. Light up with Briar and Oak Cedar Spills ♦ The traditional, classy way to light a cigar. ♦ No chemical contamination or over-charring from lighters. ♦ Cedar Spills are Spanish Cedar, milled and packaged in the USA ♦ These spills burn at the perfect temperature to toast your cigar, without over-charring and contaminating the cigar with chemicals from lighters. ♦ Great experience for new cigar smokers or an addition to the experience for seasoned vets!