Desktop Acrylic Cigar Humidor Powered by Boveda 69 Humidity Pack with Spanish Cedar Liner for Cigar Display and Storage

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Desktop humidors make a great statement to your home or office, just add your favorite smokes! The durable acrylic jar seals shut to keep optimal humidity levels inside the humidor. Our exclusive Briar and Oak designed genuine Spanish cedar wood insert ring rests along the bottom of the jar to further season and control moisture within the jar. Finished with a cork bottom to insulate and protect cigars and add to the overall presentation of the humidor. Briar and Oak Cigar Humidor Jars are powered by Boveda- each jar includes one Boveda 69 2 way humidifier control pack, 60 gram. Each pack will season up to 25 cigars for up to 12 months! Each cigar jar will hold up to 25 cigars from your smoking collection- depending on the size of cigars used. INSTRUCTIONS: Please note that it is normal for the contents of the jar to shift during shipping. 1) Make sure the cork insulator is sitting flat at the bottom of the jar. 2) The Spanish Cedar ring should sit fairly snug against the inside wall, and slide to the bottom of the jar (so you can show off the cigars above it!) 3) For the Boveda humidity bag, just drop it in the bottom of the jar! It is perfectly OK if it comes in contact with your cigars. ♦ Display your cigar collection in style! Made of sturdy acrylic and lined with REAL spanish cedar for seasoning and regulating moisture control! ♦ Our exclusive design features a cork insert at the bottom serves as a scentless insulator for protecting the foot of the cigar from temperature changes, preventing them from damage. ♦ Conveniently packed with one Boveda 69 rh pack to effortlessly control humidity. Simply add cigars and close, no need to season or use water! ♦ Makes a great gift for cigar smokers- included with each jar is an informational and instruction sheet, packaged in gift ready black boxes.